Kenneth Josephson

The Bread Book

Page: 18 pages
Photographs: 18
Size: 24 x 16.5 cm
Weight: 70g
Re-editioned in: 2016
Language: English

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The Bread Book was self published by Kenneth Josephson in 1973. Starting with the front cover, which shows, besides the title, the cap of a loaf of bread. Each sheet progressively shows the front and back of all ten slices of a small loaf of bread. The back cover therefore shows the other end of the loaf.

Josephson created this book in direct response to the photo story sequences that were being created and published by Duane Michals at about that time. “If you look at a Duane Michals book you see it and you get it, and you never look at it again,” Josephson said. “With The Bread Book there is nothing to get. You can even look at it backwards.” As the small original edition was almost impossible to find, I’ve decided to work on a new edition. In 2015 we published a small edition together with the University of Texas Press. The Bread Book is certainly one of the most sophisticated conceptual artist book I’ve ever seen. And now affordable again!