Osamu Kanemura

Successive Sliding of Pleasure

Die Nummer 7 in unserer kleinen Reihe
Limitierte Auflage: 200 Exemplare
Erschienen: 2016
72 Seiten
Abbildungen: 20 ganzseitig (davon 12 auf Doppelseiten)
Druck: Xerox digital
Format: 16,5 x 24 cm
Gewicht: 0,25 kg
Cover: Heißfolien Blindprägung auf grauem Karton
offene japanische Bindung
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 978-3-9816885-9-7
nur noch ganz wenige Exemplare verfügbar

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Some 10 years ago I stepped over Osamu Kanemura’s Spyder’s Strategy. And as most of the publications listed in Parr’s History of Photo Books it was rare and fairly expensive. A few years later I realized that my friend Yoko Sawada was representing the artist. And during my next trip to Japan I’ve had a chance to look on some of his original prints. They are just amazing. Kanemura’s work in the darkroom – time by time he is doing work for his famous Japanese collegues – is outstanding. The plan for a show rose up quickly. And a publication – with one of his mostly funny titles Successful Sliding of Pleasure – followed immediately. My plan to print his book on different papers – some of them very very thin – seem to fail. But after several proof printings, we succeeded. And a very special little book we where able to come close to his deep blacks and high contrast prints. And Osamu liked it too.