Kazuo Kitai

1944 Anshan, Manchuria, China
1965 Dropped out of the Nihon University College of Art, Tokyo Japan
1966 Went to Kobe, where he had spent teenage years, and photographed the harbor laborers
1968 Photographed the student movement at Nihon University, from within the barricades
1969 Started photographing Sanrizuka series (ended in 1972)
1972 Sanrizuka received the newcomer prize of the Photographic Society of Japan
1973 Traveled to China with a group of eleven photographers, including Kimura Ihee
1974 Started photographing Mura-e (To the villages) series (ended in 1979)
1976 Mura-e received the first Kimura Ihee Photography Award
1981 New World Story was published by Chosei-sha
1987 exhibition Funabashi Story at Funabashi City Hall
1989 Funabashi Story was published by Rokko Shuppan
1990 Somehow Familiar Places was published by Sokyu-sha
1994 One Fine Day was published by Takarajima-sha
2004 1990s Beijing was published by Tosei-sha
2012 exhibition Somehow Familiar Places at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2013 The Photographic Society of Japan Award
2015 Agitators was published by Only Photography
2016 Tsugaru Shimokita was published by Nazraeli Press
2017 Colllected essays : A photographer’s remembrance left in drawers was published by Nippon Camera
2018 Into the Village was published by Only Photography